Get the Taste of World-Class Education Through the Renowned UK Universities

By | May 21, 2023

The United Kingdom is the most preferred destination for foreign students as their number has reached a staggering 1 million recently. The UK government is making every possible effort to maintain the inflow of students from other countries since it has to face stiff competition from the USA, Australia, Canada and other European countries. Various educational institutes in the United Kingdom are known to possess excellent academic standards. That’s the reason why overseas students are simply flocking to the country. The UK universities are always accredited by credible professional establishments to make sure that their teaching level continues to set benchmarks for other institutes to emulate.

Universities in the UK realize the worth of your money to offer more cost-efficient courses compared to other nations. Generally, a student can wind up his/her degree course in 3 years here instead of 4. Similarly, the majority of master degree programs can be finished in one year rather than two. Another advantage of the educational institutions in the UK is they provide financial help and scholarships to students, thereby making their study highly affordable. So, it is advisable for pupils to get in touch with the British Council office in their home country regarding the scholarship issues in the UK. British Council IELTS Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), and De Souza Trust Goa Scholarship and the Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship are some well-recognized scholarship programs for students.

Some of the top UK universities that receive the most attention from students include University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Oxford, the University of Edinburgh and the University College London.

One more motivating factor of taking education in the United Kingdom is its advanced healthcare system. Overseas students residing in regions like England, Northern Island, and Wales for a full-time course are qualified for medical treatment without charge.

Students who want to migrate to the UK for higher studies can get into the country on the basis of a student visa. They can continue with this visa till the completion of their courses. But, there is always the option of switching to a different immigration service such as a work permit visa to extend your stay in the country. There are certain criteria that you have to fulfill to become eligible for a student visa UK. You need to prove that you have been selected for a course at a public financing institute such as a university, a private institute or an autonomous fee-paying school. You will also have to prove your intention of joining a recognized regular degree course, a weekday course having a minimum of 15 hours of daytime study per week or a regular course undertaken at an autonomous fee-paying school.

If you have interest in studying a short-term course of approximately 6 months, you could perhaps manage with a tourist visa. The major disparity between getting into the UK on a student visa and a tourist visa is that a student can work for 20 hours per week all through the term time and 40 hours per week at the time of vacations with a student visa but you won’t be able to do that with a tourist visa. You can make an application for a student visa as a future student as well. Student visas are usually issued for an original time period of one year, but the authorities can also take into account the duration of the course you think to be enrolled into.